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01/08 Morning Minute: Unseasonably Warm?

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First, let me say that I cannot get over the fact that it is the eighth day of January, at 8 o’clock in the morning, and it already “feels” like it is 61 degrees outside.  Just don’t click on the 10-day forecast, unless you like finding out that it is going to be (Spoiler Alert!)  30 by Monday.  But I’m sure that many of you would give back a few of these degrees for a few more points on the football field.

So, why can’t college football games only last about two or three minutes?  If this was the case, not only would Ohio State be back-to-back Champions, but it would also give Fox’s broadcasting team a smaller window of time to say things like, “Don’t let Jim Tressel’s sweater vest fool you. He’ll show a lot of sets.”  You can thank Chaz Davis for that one.  But it would also not allow for a complete meltdown over the next three quarters of play, as that seems to be Ohio State’s thing.  Personal fouls and blown coverage.  Sums it up right there.

If you’re reading this, I don’t even need to link a score as you already know what happened during last night’s National Championship game.  Buckeye fans should obviously prepare for the backlash that they will hear for the next few months, likely including (but not limited to) words like “inferior,” “undeserving,” and “pathetic.”  You cannot say that you didn’t see this coming.  It is what happens when other teams – though not getting the job done themselves – feel that they can cast judgement, thanks to a system that is obviously not the answer.  I’m not going to make excuses, as the Buckeyes just did not get it done from the second quarter on.  Todd Boeckman makes Craig Krenzel look like Johnny Unitas at times, and as good as the defense has been this year, it is far from the days of Will Smith, Chris Gamble, and Tim Anderson.

If you do one thing today, it should be this: Get out a marker and circle September 13th on the calendar.  This will be the long-awaited contest where Ohio State travels to Southern California to take on the Trojans.  The same Trojans that are fresh off of a borderline bludgeoning of the Illinois Fighting Illini – also of the Big Ten.  If Bill Plaschke feels that we weren’t even a top-10 team this year, you can only imagine what they’ll be saying once James Laurinaitis, Vernon Gholston, and Malcom Jenkins declare for the NFL Draft.

The Buckeyes were ranked 12th at one point in the season, and that was after winning their season-opening game, so maybe they shouldn’t have been in the National Championship.  But to those that question Ohio State’s schedule in the past, the USC game will be the true test.  Will it be like Texas in 2005, or more like Texas of 2006?  As long as it isn’t like either of the past two National Championship games.

Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 8, 2008 at 2:06 pm