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01/19 Minute: Jakeless, But We Have A Damon/Romeo

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You know it is a slow sports night in Cleveland when the biggest news is the physical removal of the “Jacobs Field” sign.  While this may mean a lot to those within the organization or even those that are employed by Progressive Insurance, I refuse to exude emotion towards something when it will make the slightest of difference.  Those that have recently lost their jobs are obviously going to feel bitter towards this whole situation.  I feel for them more than anything as being a Clevelander always comes along with the fact that whatever business you work for may not be there a year from now – let alone your position.  So I get that.  But those that either hate corporate involvement or just feel like they need to voice their opinion simply need to stop.

Isn’t it crazy how Damon Jones went from not even being in the rotation to being a main part of this latest slew of wins?  Maybe his whining to the media had a point.  Either way, he’s supporting his arguments on the floor, and that is what is most important.  Let’s just hope this isn’t a showcase for him to go somewhere else, only to nail a buzzer-beater against us.

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 19, 2008 at 4:33 pm

01/11 Afternoon Minute: G’Bye Grantham

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While many fans like the firey personality of Todd Grantham, the Associated Press is reporting that his services as Defensive Coordinator will “not be retained” for the 2008 season.

This isn’t a surprise given the fact that the Browns were one of the worst defensive units in the league this past season, finishing 30th overall – mostly thanks to cold weather near the end. 

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 11, 2008 at 7:53 pm

Friday 01/04 Minute: Chud, Henton, and Some Defense

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Top sports-related story in all of Cleveland today has to be the news that current Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will interview for the vacant head coaching position with the Baltimore Ravens.  The turnaround that Chud gave the Browns offense is well documented, so this is not surprising by any means.  Browns fans will have to come to terms with the fact that Rob will be gone within two years, but we’ll all have to hope that he doesn’t go to the division rival Ravens.  Some already hold a grudge against Ozzie Newsome, so I can only imagine.  Hey Baltimore, what about Mike Martz?  He’s available.

 By now, you’ve likely heard of the “collusion” claims that have followed a Kerry Collins interview on WFAN (NY).  The PD reports that the team can file a grievance to the NFL, as collusion is obviously against the rules.  But honestly, what’s the point? 

Bill Belechick was voted coach of the year.  While I can go the route of pointing and yelling “cheater,” I’m more surprised that Romeo Crennel didn’t receive a single vote.

What’s this?  Todd Boeckman may not play the whole game?  Taking a page out of Florida’s book, the Buckeyes may toss Antonio Henton into the mix.  How often is it that a quarterback goes from suspended and only getting a handful of snaps to becoming a change-of-pace in a National Championship?

It only took until January, but the Cavaliers have decided to step up on defense.  The team that represented the East (regardless of path) last year is two games below .500, so it seems like a good time to change things up.  And don’t count on the trade mentioned by Brian Windhorst here to happen.  While that would easily shore up the inside defense, it isn’t likely to come to fruition.

And finally, if it is some Tribe which you long for, check out the DiaTribe’s projector series for 2008 here and here.

And if you’re reading this, thank you!  Have a good weekend.

Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 4, 2008 at 3:54 pm