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01/13 Minute: Should We Be Colts Fans?

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As tough as it may be, after watching last night’s game between New England and Jacksonville, I think we as Clevelanders should all be Colts fans today. Even with a defense as good as Jacksonville’s, New England was still able to produce a bunch of scores. Assuming that games will then get into a shootout, I’d choose to root for the team with the more prolific offense – especially in crunch time – and that is the offense of the Colts.

Yes, they may have indirectly hurt the Browns’ chances of being in the playoffs, but let’s face it. Unless you’re rooting for history to happen with the Pats hunt for 19-0, which I am definitely not, you’re pulling for the Colts in today’s game. If there’s any consolation, there may not be a more exciting player to watch on defense than Bob Sanders.

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 13, 2008 at 6:34 pm

01/05 Morning Minute: King James, More Bucks, and Let’s Go Jags

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Hello, fourth quarter. I’d like to introduce you to LeBron James. Oh, you’ve met?

The kid wearing the #23 did it again, helping the Cavaliers outscore the Kings by 10 in the fourth quarter last night as the Cavs took it home, 97-93. But he didn’t do it by scoring (as he did versus Atlanta just days ago), instead, he added five assists thanks to some double and triple-teams. Finding Boobie Gibson open to nail a three with 11 seconds left sealed the deal. I assume Tom Ziller just isn’t awake yet, as he is West Coast and all, but I’m interested to see what he has to say regarding James just taking the game over. FWIW, LeBron leads the league in fourth quarter scoring this season with an average of 9.1 points per game.

Malcom Jenkins thinks that the LSU Tigers would “fit very well” in to the Big Ten. While this statement will likely open a floodgate of Big Ten bashing, the fact that the Buckeyes are viewing the Tigers as a diverse version of the Wolverines is a decent start. They were completely blindsided last season when Florida was on the other side of the ball. Let’s hope that Malcom is on to something – aside from what NFL team he’ll be lacing them up for come next season. If you’re the gambling kind, the line stands at LSU being a 3.5 point favorite – it was a full four points when the line was originally opened.

How great will it be if Jacksonville uses Pittsburgh’s old style of play to beat them this weekend? Those of you that think the Steelers will be “fired up” or whatever after Fred Taylor pretty much said that Heinz Field is garbage have something coming. With 224 yards on the ground the last time that the Jags topped the Steelers, there’s a reason that those up here are calling the Jags the “Steelers South.” Willie Parker or not, this should be one of the better games of the Wild Card weekend.

Home on a Saturday? Here’s what’s on the tube:

12:00p: College Hoops (Kansas at Boston College) – ESPN
12:00p: Soccer: Chelsea vs. Manchester United (replay) – Fox Soccer
1:00p: HS Football U.S. Army All American Bowl – NBC
2:00p: College Hoops (Oregon at Arizona) – FSN
2:00p: Movie (Mr. 3000) – FX-E
2:00p: College Hoops (Michigan at Purdue) – ESPN
4:00p: College Hoops (Oregon State at Arizona State) – FSN
4:30p: NFL Playoffs (Washington at Seattle) – NBC

Have a good Saturday.

Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 5, 2008 at 3:24 pm