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01/19 Minute: Jakeless, But We Have A Damon/Romeo

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You know it is a slow sports night in Cleveland when the biggest news is the physical removal of the “Jacobs Field” sign.  While this may mean a lot to those within the organization or even those that are employed by Progressive Insurance, I refuse to exude emotion towards something when it will make the slightest of difference.  Those that have recently lost their jobs are obviously going to feel bitter towards this whole situation.  I feel for them more than anything as being a Clevelander always comes along with the fact that whatever business you work for may not be there a year from now – let alone your position.  So I get that.  But those that either hate corporate involvement or just feel like they need to voice their opinion simply need to stop.

Isn’t it crazy how Damon Jones went from not even being in the rotation to being a main part of this latest slew of wins?  Maybe his whining to the media had a point.  Either way, he’s supporting his arguments on the floor, and that is what is most important.  Let’s just hope this isn’t a showcase for him to go somewhere else, only to nail a buzzer-beater against us.

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 19, 2008 at 4:33 pm

01/16 Morning Minute: 51 > 101

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In yesterday’s Basketball Jones podcast, it was mentioned that a Kobe Bryant 50-point game should be on the horizon now that their center Andrew Bynum is out for the next eight weeks with a knee injury. Not that he’s overlooked, but the fact that LeBron James does not have an Andrew Bynum makes last night’s game of little surprise.

James dropped 51 points in a 132-124 overtime win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night. The fact that this output tied Allen Iverson for the top night year-to-date in the NBA is one thing. The fact that James put up 50+ and the Cavaliers still won the game is another. Don’t forget that the Cavs have twice dropped games where #23 has put up at least 50 points, so it is not far-fetched by any means.

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 16, 2008 at 12:27 pm

01/12 Minute: Pro Field, Tucker’s Turn and Malcom’s Return

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Hello, all.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer made the Jacobs Field/Progressive Field the front page piece today, which is not very surprising. Also not surprising was the mixed reactions, with most being negative. A lot of Cleveland fans are more of the traditional variety, and similar to a church-and-state discussion, they feel that corporations and sports teams shouldn’t mix.

While it will always be “The Jake” to me, being in the business world, I can understand both sides. The Indians can always use more money, and if it’s not coming in a 20 percent boost in ticket prices, I’m alright with that. Progressive is a Cleveland-based company that employs thousands. If they can flourish through advertising, it’s better for the city whether it is realized or not. It is especially better than the company packing its bags and heading to a more lucrative city.

Cleveland desperately needs funding, and where better to produce this funding than the companies based within? The banking industry has been turmoiled as of late with several of the regional banks dropping considerably in market value as well as the number of employees. So, as long as this is a sign of things to come in terms of corporate funding into the city, I’m alright with it.
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01/09 Afternoon Minute: Vote For Boobie

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OK, I’m pretty sure that there is no way to really “vote” for this, but I think we as Clevelanders need to start lobbying for Daniel Gibson to be a part of this year’s three-point contest.  And yes, sinking five more treys last night helps the arguement a bit.  But so do the numbers.

While Rashard Lewis and Jason Richardson duke it out at the top with 95 threes (each) made on the season, Gibson is in third place all by himself with 81, ahead of typical sharpshooters like Mike Miller (72), Ray Allen (71) and Steve Nash (66). 

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 9, 2008 at 5:56 pm

01/07 Morning Minute: Today, We Spell Redemption…

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I shed some of my thoughts on the Cavs/Raps game yesterday.  However, I would like to add my feelings on the Damon Jones run as well.  Similar to the end of last season where the Cavs were spouting off a bunch of wins, including that big playoff win over the Pistons, Damon Jones being on the floor provided LeBron James with a ton of open space.  Case in point was yesterday, when the Raptors closed in on James, Jones came in with a handful of clutch three-pointers. 

While this is all great when you’re down 10 points with seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter and you’re attempting an all-offense comeback, what you’re also doing is hoping that the other team simply misses their shots on the other end as Jones could be the biggest defensive liability in the league.  Sending him out there in a “Hail Mary” type of offense will work once in a while, but it is far from the long-term answer.  At least it was good to see Coach Brown give him a shot – as it may help the old self confidence a bit, while showcasing at the same time.  Oh, and this always helps.

Now on to tonight’s game.  Doesn’t it seem like tonight is a completely different season from the game against Michigan?  Let’s get one thing straight: I love being the underdog tonight.  I love the fact that the entire world of NCAAF followers has despised every win that we have produced all season long.  I love that the beloved SEC is once again our opponent, I love that the weight is on their shoulders. 

If we lose, the world can let out a collective “I told you so,” and then begin to argue for a split title.  Well done, LSU.  If we win, the state of Ohio as well as displaced Buckeye fans can do the exact same, but have the title all to themselves.  While I may be a bit biased, as this is obviously a Cleveland-based blog, it needs to be pointed out that while LSU is from the SEC, they are not last year’s Florida team.  They’re not as fast, they do not run the spread offense (a big weakness of the younger OSU defense), and this may actually be a football game that is decided on the ground – for once – instead of the Arena football-esque games that we tend to see from time to time in the NCAA.

This game will come down to Chris Wells’ ability to hit the holes, Vernon Gholston’s ability to get in to the backfield, and Todd Boeckman’sability to not make mistakes.  If tOSU turns the ball over like they did against Illinois, they may as well call it a game right then and there.  Fans may not want conservative play-calling, but if we win the turnover battle and the game results in a low-scoring affair, so what?  I couldn’t care less if people watching across the nation find the game “boring.”  It’s about winning.  But, good news is, it may not be too late to get your very own Jim Tressel Sweatervest T-Shirt!  For more on what others think, head over to The Wizard of Odds.

A bit of a tangent, but did you all know that Cleveland’s own Val Waugaman is Siren on the new American Gladiators?  The official press release is over on, but to direct some traffic her way, check it out at her official blog.  If you’ve been to the downtown Octane Cafe or seen the “flex cam” at the occasional Cavs game, you’ll know who she is.

And if you need a Browns fix, check out Ryan Wilson’s post at the FanHouse.  Could Miami be sending the first overall selection to the Browns for Derek Anderson?  While Glen Dorsey would be a very nice addition to our defensive line, I’m not getting my hopes up in any fashion.  But I will be watching Dorsey very, very closely tonight.

And for hockey fans, Epic Carnival did a some fine research on the Columbus Bluejackets Power Patrol.  Could be considered NSFW…if you work with little kids or something.

That’s all for now.  Go Bucks.

Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 7, 2008 at 1:36 pm