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01/14 Morning Minute: Slow Down, Birthday Boy

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In a day where a lot of the news will focus on the two upsets that occurred in the NFL yesterday, as well as the Terrell Owens breakdown, I’m awaiting the LeBron James news to make big time headlines.  James was caught doing 101 mph in a 65 zone, about 15 miles south of Cleveland on December 30th – which happened to be his 23rd birthday. 

 The only thing that I’m a bit confused about is the fact that if this happened two weeks ago, how are we just finding out about it now?  The night that James’ mother was arrested for driving under the influence, it was front page news immediately following the arrest.

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01/13 Minute: Should We Be Colts Fans?

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As tough as it may be, after watching last night’s game between New England and Jacksonville, I think we as Clevelanders should all be Colts fans today. Even with a defense as good as Jacksonville’s, New England was still able to produce a bunch of scores. Assuming that games will then get into a shootout, I’d choose to root for the team with the more prolific offense – especially in crunch time – and that is the offense of the Colts.

Yes, they may have indirectly hurt the Browns’ chances of being in the playoffs, but let’s face it. Unless you’re rooting for history to happen with the Pats hunt for 19-0, which I am definitely not, you’re pulling for the Colts in today’s game. If there’s any consolation, there may not be a more exciting player to watch on defense than Bob Sanders.

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 13, 2008 at 6:34 pm

01/12 Minute: Pro Field, Tucker’s Turn and Malcom’s Return

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Hello, all.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer made the Jacobs Field/Progressive Field the front page piece today, which is not very surprising. Also not surprising was the mixed reactions, with most being negative. A lot of Cleveland fans are more of the traditional variety, and similar to a church-and-state discussion, they feel that corporations and sports teams shouldn’t mix.

While it will always be “The Jake” to me, being in the business world, I can understand both sides. The Indians can always use more money, and if it’s not coming in a 20 percent boost in ticket prices, I’m alright with that. Progressive is a Cleveland-based company that employs thousands. If they can flourish through advertising, it’s better for the city whether it is realized or not. It is especially better than the company packing its bags and heading to a more lucrative city.

Cleveland desperately needs funding, and where better to produce this funding than the companies based within? The banking industry has been turmoiled as of late with several of the regional banks dropping considerably in market value as well as the number of employees. So, as long as this is a sign of things to come in terms of corporate funding into the city, I’m alright with it.
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01/10 Afternoon Minute: Insult to Injury?

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If one thing was decided during the National Championship game that took place this past Monday, it is that Todd Boeckman needs to drastically improve for the Ohio State Buckeyes to flourish next season – weak schedule or not.

Well, this piece by the Free Press will not make matters much better.  According to, the number one quarterback recruit in the country is one Terrelle Pryor out of Jeannette, Pennsylvania.  He is 6’6″, 235 pounds and possesses a 40-yard dash time of around 4.4 seconds.  And yes, he’s a quarterback.  Until mid-December, Pryor listed Ohio State University as one of his five possible landing spots for next season.  And now, there’s a sixth: The University of Michigan.

Pryor, who listed Florida, Ohio State, Penn State, Oregon and West Virginia as his favorites to attend as of Sunday, told to “add Michigan to my list” following his conversation with [Rich] Rodriguez.

“He’s excited and so was I,” Pryor told “Michigan was on my early list, and now their right up there again. He’s a great coach and I like his offense.”

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 10, 2008 at 5:01 pm

01/09 Morning Minute: Six of Seven and Blocking in Hawaii

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While LeBron James’ fourth quarter average went up a bit against Toronto, last night may have brought it back down – but this is a good thing.  James was able to watch the fourth quarter from the bench as the Cavaliers rolled over the Seattle Supersonics 95-79.

James finished with 22 points, but it was his teammates that deserve the credit in this one.  Sasha Pavlovic finally woke up during his 22 minutes of play, finishing with 13 points – his first double-digit game since December 11th.  And he’s the starting shooting guard, people.  Boobie Gibson knocked down five three-balls (Got it! – Tait), Larry Hughes actually wasn’t that bad (4-11, nine points, three steals) and Andy Varejao finished off the solid night with 14 points and nine rebounds of his own.  Well done, boys.

This is six wins in the last seven games, placing Cleveland above .500 for the first time in quite a while.  The next three contests (at Atlanta, home against Charlotte, at Memphis) are very winnable.  I would love to have nine of ten games in the “W” column before heading to San Antonio to face the Spurs.

And the final Cavs note, this piece from the Globe and Mail is worth a look as it discusses LBJ’s hecklers from this past weekend.  Best line of the article:

“She’s free to do what she wants,” [Raptors forward Chris] Bosh said of his No. 1 fan. “But I said, ‘Don’t talk to LeBron any more.’

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01/08 Afternoon Minute: What If?

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Just going through a few hypotheticals here, so bare with me.

Before last night’s game, Ohio State lost to Illinois at home, giving them their only loss of the season.  LSU, Georgia, USC, Missouri, and West Virginia all had two losses.  Regardless of Ohio State losing to the Illini, the selection committee felt that LSU was the “best of the rest” per se, allowing them to play in the National Championship game.

But what if Ohio State wouldn’t have lost that game to Illinois, and went into the National Championship game undefeated?  Even if they lost to LSU, and finished with one loss, what would the pollsters say? 

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Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 8, 2008 at 5:57 pm

01/08 Morning Minute: Unseasonably Warm?

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First, let me say that I cannot get over the fact that it is the eighth day of January, at 8 o’clock in the morning, and it already “feels” like it is 61 degrees outside.  Just don’t click on the 10-day forecast, unless you like finding out that it is going to be (Spoiler Alert!)  30 by Monday.  But I’m sure that many of you would give back a few of these degrees for a few more points on the football field.

So, why can’t college football games only last about two or three minutes?  If this was the case, not only would Ohio State be back-to-back Champions, but it would also give Fox’s broadcasting team a smaller window of time to say things like, “Don’t let Jim Tressel’s sweater vest fool you. He’ll show a lot of sets.”  You can thank Chaz Davis for that one.  But it would also not allow for a complete meltdown over the next three quarters of play, as that seems to be Ohio State’s thing.  Personal fouls and blown coverage.  Sums it up right there.

If you’re reading this, I don’t even need to link a score as you already know what happened during last night’s National Championship game.  Buckeye fans should obviously prepare for the backlash that they will hear for the next few months, likely including (but not limited to) words like “inferior,” “undeserving,” and “pathetic.”  You cannot say that you didn’t see this coming.  It is what happens when other teams – though not getting the job done themselves – feel that they can cast judgement, thanks to a system that is obviously not the answer.  I’m not going to make excuses, as the Buckeyes just did not get it done from the second quarter on.  Todd Boeckman makes Craig Krenzel look like Johnny Unitas at times, and as good as the defense has been this year, it is far from the days of Will Smith, Chris Gamble, and Tim Anderson.

If you do one thing today, it should be this: Get out a marker and circle September 13th on the calendar.  This will be the long-awaited contest where Ohio State travels to Southern California to take on the Trojans.  The same Trojans that are fresh off of a borderline bludgeoning of the Illinois Fighting Illini – also of the Big Ten.  If Bill Plaschke feels that we weren’t even a top-10 team this year, you can only imagine what they’ll be saying once James Laurinaitis, Vernon Gholston, and Malcom Jenkins declare for the NFL Draft.

The Buckeyes were ranked 12th at one point in the season, and that was after winning their season-opening game, so maybe they shouldn’t have been in the National Championship.  But to those that question Ohio State’s schedule in the past, the USC game will be the true test.  Will it be like Texas in 2005, or more like Texas of 2006?  As long as it isn’t like either of the past two National Championship games.

Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 8, 2008 at 2:06 pm