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01/16 Morning Minute: 51 > 101

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In yesterday’s Basketball Jones podcast, it was mentioned that a Kobe Bryant 50-point game should be on the horizon now that their center Andrew Bynum is out for the next eight weeks with a knee injury. Not that he’s overlooked, but the fact that LeBron James does not have an Andrew Bynum makes last night’s game of little surprise.

James dropped 51 points in a 132-124 overtime win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night. The fact that this output tied Allen Iverson for the top night year-to-date in the NBA is one thing. The fact that James put up 50+ and the Cavaliers still won the game is another. Don’t forget that the Cavs have twice dropped games where #23 has put up at least 50 points, so it is not far-fetched by any means.

If its any consolation, James also added nine assists and eight boards. And wouldn’t you know that it was Damon Jones who once again played a big role. With the Cavs down one with a little over two minutes to go, Jones drained a three-ball (got it!) put Cleveland up by two. They never turned back from there. One guy who didn’t help out much? You got it. The third quarter was easily the worst.

3rd Quarter Highlights:
8:14 Larry Hughes bad pass (Rudy Gay steals)
5:24 Larry Hughes misses jumper
4:20 Larry Hughes misses 19-foot two point shot
3:49 Larry Hughes bad pass (Rudy Gay steals)

Are you surprised that he was benched in the fourth quarter for the rest of the evening? Me neither, but its going to make it that much harder to move his contract if it doesn’t come along with any production. Its no secret that we’re trying!

Have a good day, all.


Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 16, 2008 at 12:27 pm

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