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01/14 Morning Minute: Slow Down, Birthday Boy

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In a day where a lot of the news will focus on the two upsets that occurred in the NFL yesterday, as well as the Terrell Owens breakdown, I’m awaiting the LeBron James news to make big time headlines.  James was caught doing 101 mph in a 65 zone, about 15 miles south of Cleveland on December 30th – which happened to be his 23rd birthday. 

 The only thing that I’m a bit confused about is the fact that if this happened two weeks ago, how are we just finding out about it now?  The night that James’ mother was arrested for driving under the influence, it was front page news immediately following the arrest.

Buckeyes fans should be thrilled that both Alex Boone and Marcus Freeman have decided to come back for their senior season at Ohio State.  These two will join Malcom Jenkins and Brian Robiske on the list of Juniors that will wait one more season to join the NFL. 

With Vernon Gholston declaring eligibility, this leaves James Laurinaitis as the only “undecided.”  You can bet that as much as the linebacker says he admires his teammates’ decisions to stay, it would have made his decision a lot easier had they left.

Have a good Monday, all.


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