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01/13 Minute: Should We Be Colts Fans?

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As tough as it may be, after watching last night’s game between New England and Jacksonville, I think we as Clevelanders should all be Colts fans today. Even with a defense as good as Jacksonville’s, New England was still able to produce a bunch of scores. Assuming that games will then get into a shootout, I’d choose to root for the team with the more prolific offense – especially in crunch time – and that is the offense of the Colts.

Yes, they may have indirectly hurt the Browns’ chances of being in the playoffs, but let’s face it. Unless you’re rooting for history to happen with the Pats hunt for 19-0, which I am definitely not, you’re pulling for the Colts in today’s game. If there’s any consolation, there may not be a more exciting player to watch on defense than Bob Sanders.

Each day I pick up the Plain Dealer, I’m more and more appreciative of Terry Pluto’s work. In his “Talking” points today, there was quite a breakdown of Ryan Garko, Derek Anderson and the demographic evolution of college football. In discussing the theory of people moving out of the “rust belt” known as the Midwest, Terry breaks down the top recruits in the country by region.

But here’s how the top 50 recruits breakdown by state: Florida (13), Georgia (seven), Texas and Alabama (six), California, Pennsylvania and South Carolina (three), Virginia (two) and one each from New Jersey, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Arizona and Mississippi.

Checking the list, 26 of the top 50 players are from Florida, Georgia and Alabama. It’s tough to sell those kids on OSU because of the weather and the strong football tradition in the South. While Louisiana didn’t have top 50 player listed, it’s easy for LSU to recruit from Florida, Georgia and the football hotbed of Texas.

Its pretty obvious that with this data, the Midwest is already at a disadvantage, especially with the prolific programs in the South. Just food for thought.

Have a good Sunday, all. Go Colts.


Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 13, 2008 at 6:34 pm

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