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01/11 Morning Minute: Dust Off The Suits…

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…The Cleveland Indians have gone corporate. 

In an era where almost every major sports facility is backed by a corporate sponsor, it is not surprising to see the Cleveland Indians do more of the same.  What was known to many as Jacobs Field (or “The Jake”) will now be called Progressive Field – named after the publicly traded insurance company, headquartered just outside of Cleveland. 

While I tend to be more of a traditionalist in this regard, I would be naive to think that this was not going to happen.  I was hoping for something to maintain the Jacobs Field name within, who am I kidding?  Progressive Field, it is. 

With the Gund Arena transitioning to Quicken Loans Arena (or “The Q”), at least we still have Cleveland Browns Stadium, right?  While the city of Cleveland makes a few suspect decisions at times, the decision to not sell the naming rights can now be embraced – assuming you do not mind entering through the “Cleveland Clinic” gate…

Now, what does this mean for the Tribe?  If the past is any indication, it means nothing.  The Jacobs Field naming rights paid $10 million for 12 years – or about $830K per year.  More recent naming right transactions have been upwards of $2 million per year, including the Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds

One would think that this would give an extra million dollars per year and the ownership can use that to re-sign key parts of the organization.  If you’re thinking this will help us jump into the Johan Santana bidding war, don’t fool yourself.  But with the Detroit Tigers adding players like Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis and Edgar Renteria – and Chicago’s addition of Nick Swisher – one can only hope that the Indians brass does something.

In other news, the Buckeyes Brian Robiske makes the right decision to stay another year.  He is definitely not in the Ted Ginn/Anthony Gonzalez tier, so another season will do him well.  Terry Pluto provides a solid commentary to quiet some of the Buckeye-bashing – and I have to agree. 

When Ohio State critics say the Buckeyes didn’t belong in the title game, they are right. In fact, they never should have won the Big Ten. They were rebuilding with only three senior starters.  

Despite being embarrassed on a National platform (yet again), the Buckeyes surpassed everyone’s expectations from a few months ago.  I suggest you check it out for yourself.

No big Cavs news, aside from (former first round selection) Shannon Brown heading to the D-Leauge.  This is clearly a place for Brown to be showcased for other teams as Cleveland failed to pick up his option in the off-season.  Perfect timing for Brown, as NBATV will be running a “D-League Showcase” for the next few weeks and two of his games will be a part of the broadcast.  While this doesn’t seem like a major issue right now, Brown heading somewhere else to flourish could wind up being a big black eye on the face of Danny Ferry’s GM tenure.  Stay tuned. 


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    January 11, 2008 at 3:17 pm

  2. […] I mentioned below, the Cavaliers’ Shannon Brown being sent to the Developmental League will likely be […]

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