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01/10 Morning Minute: Checkbooks and Flatlines

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While there were rumors of all sorts heading into yesterday, it is starting to look more and more like Derek Anderson will be the Browns starting quarterback during the 2008 season, and possibly more.  GM Phil Savage acknowledges the fact that lacking quarterback depth can really hurt a team, so having two quality quarterbacks isn’t out of the question. 

What is great about the Savage interview from yesterday is the fact that Cleveland is now considered a safe haven of sorts for quarterbacks.  The GM actually used the words “perks of the job,” discussing the great offensive line, solid skill players and a great coordinator (recently signed to an extension) that was able to prove to the NFL that Anderson was in fact a good quarterback.  Not many other franchises can offer that right now, regardless of money. 

The wrinkle may come around next season when Brady Quinn’s incentive-laden contract will come into effect.  If Quinn does not play at least 70 percent of the plays in 2009, he will in fact leave $10 million of bonus money on the table – making that hold out even more expensive.

Despite my wishful thinking yesterday, the back-to-back with the latter game being on the road simply isn’t a good situation to be in – even if many starters got to rest the previous night.  The result: a nine-point loss to Atlanta.  Of course, LeBron James carried his own weight in this one, but the rest of the team did not.   Ugh.  Talk about a sequence:

11:41 Larry Hughes makes 26-foot three point jumper
11:00 Larry Hughes misses 15-foot jumper
8:08 Larry Hughes misses 19-foot jumper
8:08 Larry Hughes misses 19-foot jumper
3:15 Larry Hughes misses 21-foot jumper
3:08 Larry Hughes personal foul (Joe Johnson draws the foul)

At least it started off promising.

Regarding Anderson Varejao’s knee injury: its not.  While it looked like a potential season-ending knee/Achilles injury, word on the street is that it is just a bruise.  If the Brazilian big man misses a game or two, it is still better than what it could have been.

Fun fact: Last night’s game was Mike Brown’s 200th as a head coach.  I’m willing to bet that Brown didn’t plan on celebrating by losing to in Atlanta for the first time since 2003.  Well, at least Boston lost!  Let’s just hope that Charlotte got that all out of their system.  We’re next.

Edit: Not exaclty “Cleveland,” but worth a mention.  I admittedly didn’t get to catch last night’s game, but Dayton topped Rhode Island 92-83 in a battle of two solid A-10 programs.  Brian Roberts, perennial All-American, dropped 22 points – win nine in the final two minutes – to seal the win.  74 percent from the floor in the first half?  Someone get the game tape to Mike Brown.

Have a good morning.


Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 10, 2008 at 1:40 pm

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