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01/09 Afternoon Minute: Vote For Boobie

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OK, I’m pretty sure that there is no way to really “vote” for this, but I think we as Clevelanders need to start lobbying for Daniel Gibson to be a part of this year’s three-point contest.  And yes, sinking five more treys last night helps the arguement a bit.  But so do the numbers.

While Rashard Lewis and Jason Richardson duke it out at the top with 95 threes (each) made on the season, Gibson is in third place all by himself with 81, ahead of typical sharpshooters like Mike Miller (72), Ray Allen (71) and Steve Nash (66). 

Where Gibson lies ahead of Lewis and Richardson is the category of conversion rate, where Boobie has drained 49.1 percent of his attempts; better than Lewis’ 38.6 percent as well as Richardson’s 45.0 percent.  In fact, if you scroll down the list of the top three-point shooters this season, Nash is the closest to Gibson with 45.5 percent.

Jason Kapono will likely be a part of the contest as he will be defending his title, though on a different team.  Dirk Nowitzki loves this event, despite being seven feet tall and having an arguably rough start to his season.  Allen will likely represent his new team this season, and now that Peja Stojakovic is healthy, he should be giving it another go’round.  If you ask me, Gibson can more than hang with that crowd and as Brian Windhorst can attest, the kid is money when he’s open.  He is in the NBA and all.

If we ignore the fact that Damon Jones was in the contest last season, as I’m sure many will be willing to do, I’m pretty sure that Bobby Sura was the last Cavs representative in the shootout (2000).  Even if it means little to a lot, let’s get the second-year guard in there.

(Editors Note: All assuming that he’s allowed to shoot-out along with playing in the rookie-sophomore game) 


Written by Scott @ WFNY

January 9, 2008 at 5:56 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Just what NBA All-Star Weekend needs… MORE BOOBS!

    In all seriousness, it only makes sense to have Gibson in the three-point contest for all the reasons you mentioned. The boy can be this year’s Jason Kapono, easily.


    January 10, 2008 at 1:36 pm

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